E-commerce business plan

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E-commerce business plan

E-commerce business plan

Do you really want to make money with 100% customer satisfaction. Don’t worry please refer below few points to achieve your goal without even investing a single rupee extra from what you have now!

Hello E-commerce entrepreneur,

Selection of business:

How to select a business plan? You cannot become a successful entrepreneur without knowing what your end-user (customers) wants or what the world is looking for…

I request you to first analyse your business plan in a strategic way. World is moving like clouds don’t waste your time and money by investing for a empty plans. However, if you have an idea already about your product don’t think it’s no use I’ll share few keys to make it easier. Ask, research, understand and conclude your result in a efficient way. After you chosen your plan or product please follow the below points for next course of action.

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Implementation of your plan: 

I would definitely recommend not to produce or buy lakhs of inventory at a starting level. Buy few products first and then publish it in online (If you have website publish if not please become a seller in top e-commerce site to advertise and sell your product).

Create a demand for your product first. Don’t sell your product only on your website. There are many e-commerce gives a platform to sell your product without paying any amount. Use all those channels to expand your business in a effective way.


I would simply recommend the technology called PDCA cycle. Which means Plan – Do – Check – Act .

Plan – what to sell and how to make it reachable to the customer

Do – Implement your plan in a small crew (With low inventory and investment)

Check –  check for the result or get a feedback from the end user.

Act – With that now conclude with the next course of action. (If you get a good result then invest your money according to the forecast. If any negative feedback for your product try to overcome it on-time and then publish it again with same process until you reach a satisfactory result from end user)

Selection of your transportation:

Give an appropriate estimation of the delivery date for your products. Customer are planning for their needs and sometime may be for some occasion (Don’t disappoint the customer with this area).

Choose your carrier wisely. Have a gentle agreement with the carrier service and deliver the products on-time.

Select the carrier who has latest technology to update the customer with time to time tracking. Keep the customer engaged with the product till it gets delivered.

More information about transportation:  Click here to contact us or write your query to business@bpzconnect.com

Implementation of your customer service:

There is quote which says “Please take care of your customer,definitely they will take care of your business”

Serve your customer with loyalty. Delight them with your service.

As per “Jeff Bezos” word

Word of mouth is very powerful than the advertisement. So, make your customer to feel something different from others.

Set up a new technology to assist the customer. Please follow the below steps to provide ultimate solution to the customer.

  1. Greet them politely and listen to their concern.
  2. Think and confirm with what they exactly want.
  3. Check for the solution in all aspects
  4. Provide and promise them with the best findings.
  5. End the conversation with a great note and make sure they won’t call you back for the same reason.

Click here to contact us or write your query to business@bpzconnect.com

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