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4 points to start a successful business

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4 points to start a successful business

What are you looking for? To start up a business! Here it is… We have collaborative tips to start your business in a smooth way.

I assure, if you follow these business rules you will not get failure at any cost.

Here are the 4 steps to consider while starting up a business


Step 1: Choose your business

Choosing business is very important to become a successful entrepreneur.  You have an ambition to become an entrepreneur and you have your own theme. Then half of the task completed.

First fix your business idea without any deviation and be passionate about it. As per “Vivekananda quote”

Having said that after getting your plan, do a small research to identify the job impact in the population (It is very necessary to sustain in the industry for very long time).

To identify your business impact you can circulate a survey across the specific crew which is related to your business, you can approach your government to check the business need and you can approach business consulting services like us. We will help you to find what best in the industry so that you will not fall into any critical buckets.

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Step 2: Set a goal

Once you selected the business right away go to the goal setting part. Because without goal nothing can be achieved, even a small retail shop has its own goal set to retain the business and future targets as well.

Write a goal for your business – What are all things you are going to achieve in your business and how can you take it to the next level of success.

Classify your goals in to two sectors. Short term goal and long term goal, What is short term goal?

Every entrepreneur can’t achieve the market level at the beginning they should have first fix a goal to improve their business.

First you need to fix your business area, product marketing or you call it as business marketing, financial targets, employees, salary and so on to set up a business.

Next you have to fix a small target within first 5 or 10 years from the start up. Make your goal as your organization goal and make your employees to work on that, every year analyze your business status with your short  term goal with that make your long term goal.

Long term goal is nothing but where your company wants to stand in future and how can you sustain in the market. Now a day it is very difficult to sustain in the world without having clear idea of your goal.

Products from

Step 3: Customer Interaction:

For every business customers are very important without a customer nothing can be achieved. Make your customer to be comfortable with your service and make them to feel safe and secure with your business.

Always ask them about your products, services and quality they will tell you where you are on your business.

If you losing your valuable customer means you are losing your business every day. Because word of experience is very powerful in the world, 1000’s of advertisement is equal to one customer experience. Delight your customer and they will delight your business nook and corner of the world.

Step 4: Technology updates.

Technology is growing every single day so upgrade your business tools with new technology which can really make your job ease. Moreover your can achieve your targets easily with less error detection.

Use six sigma methodology to run your business which is very important and you can run your business with described way. By using business methodology tool (six sigma) you can control your business within your desired goal, also it will help you to run your business error free.

Using business technology will definitely take you to the next level of business world. If you have any problem to start up a business or run your existing business please feel free to get in touch with us we will help you to find out most appropriate experts in your line of business.

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Media and entertainment

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Media and entertainment

Let’s see how to become a successful entrepreneur in Media and entertainment world.

Why this topic?

Yeah! it is the main thing what 90% of the world grabbing everyday. We have ‘n’ number of channels in the media as well as in the internet. But how many of these channels are attracted by the viewers? Oh, no. It’s quite low when it compares to the whole. Where we are lagging and why we couldn’t entertain the viewer?

No worry, here we will give very basic information about the media. What are all the thing that you need to carry forward from now. Further you want to get surprised with your business please feel free to get in touch with us!!! We will show you what the success is and people will get impressed with your channel. Click here to contact us or write your query to

Tips to carry forward in media and entertainment industry:

People don’t have time to run around the world to get entertained. So, they are searching for some channels where they really get entertained and relax themselves. So let’s not make them bored and waste our money to invest on something which is really not helpful for anyone.

Select the program which will make some impact between the viewers (Impacts may be entertainment, social message, awareness of current scenario and so on.) and the same time we cannot carry a same agenda for all region people. Carrying same agenda for all region people is also one of the reason for most of the failures in media.

Take a survey or do a analysis for that particular region people and conclude what they really like. Because we cannot entertain the people what they don’t like to see. After getting concluded then go ahead and write the scripts.

Next if it is any reality show please select some famous person from that particular region to host the show. This is really workout for any program that already exist or may be a new program. It is very important for a new program because this will attract the viewers. Then after automatically people will turn their interest to your channel.

Also, with the famous personality you can easily convey the program theme easily.

Make your stage very attractive and give a chance to the different audience to watch the live show. Because the word of mouth is very powerful. Try to host the reality show without adding any dissipate.

Please don’t hesitate to consult with us before you start anything. We promise you 100% success with us

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Stay tuned for the next article about social channels..

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E-commerce business plan

E-commerce business plan

Do you really want to make money with 100% customer satisfaction. Don’t worry please refer below few points to achieve your goal without even investing a single rupee extra from what you have now!

Hello E-commerce entrepreneur,

Selection of business:

How to select a business plan? You cannot become a successful entrepreneur without knowing what your end-user (customers) wants or what the world is looking for…

I request you to first analyse your business plan in a strategic way. World is moving like clouds don’t waste your time and money by investing for a empty plans. However, if you have an idea already about your product don’t think it’s no use I’ll share few keys to make it easier. Ask, research, understand and conclude your result in a efficient way. After you chosen your plan or product please follow the below points for next course of action.

Please contact us if you have a query about your business selection

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Implementation of your plan: 

I would definitely recommend not to produce or buy lakhs of inventory at a starting level. Buy few products first and then publish it in online (If you have website publish if not please become a seller in top e-commerce site to advertise and sell your product).

Create a demand for your product first. Don’t sell your product only on your website. There are many e-commerce gives a platform to sell your product without paying any amount. Use all those channels to expand your business in a effective way.


I would simply recommend the technology called PDCA cycle. Which means Plan – Do – Check – Act .

Plan – what to sell and how to make it reachable to the customer

Do – Implement your plan in a small crew (With low inventory and investment)

Check –  check for the result or get a feedback from the end user.

Act – With that now conclude with the next course of action. (If you get a good result then invest your money according to the forecast. If any negative feedback for your product try to overcome it on-time and then publish it again with same process until you reach a satisfactory result from end user)

Selection of your transportation:

Give an appropriate estimation of the delivery date for your products. Customer are planning for their needs and sometime may be for some occasion (Don’t disappoint the customer with this area).

Choose your carrier wisely. Have a gentle agreement with the carrier service and deliver the products on-time.

Select the carrier who has latest technology to update the customer with time to time tracking. Keep the customer engaged with the product till it gets delivered.

More information about transportation:  Click here to contact us or write your query to

Implementation of your customer service:

There is quote which says “Please take care of your customer,definitely they will take care of your business”

Serve your customer with loyalty. Delight them with your service.

As per “Jeff Bezos” word

Word of mouth is very powerful than the advertisement. So, make your customer to feel something different from others.

Set up a new technology to assist the customer. Please follow the below steps to provide ultimate solution to the customer.

  1. Greet them politely and listen to their concern.
  2. Think and confirm with what they exactly want.
  3. Check for the solution in all aspects
  4. Provide and promise them with the best findings.
  5. End the conversation with a great note and make sure they won’t call you back for the same reason.

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Business ideas

Business Idea

Click here to find 4 points to start a successful business

In the below article I am going to share customer service information.

Are you running an online business? You may or may not be a successful person. Here is the key to success on your business.

Yea, do you really believe that customers are your god? Yes. Without a good followers you won’t be successful anyway in this world. They are paying for your products. So treat your customers like a king. Here are the few keys that you need to have in your business.

Good customer service – serve your customer with a red carpet (which means value their voice)
If you want to sell anything first think about your product quality. How much you are confident that you are good and it will really create a vast impact to the end user.

First give a trail version of the products that you are planning to sell. Plan and analyze your shipping methods. Because, it is very important to deliver the product on time to the customer. Check which is the most good transportation to you business and finalize it.

satisfaction survey

Give an appropriate estimation of the delivery date for your products. Customer are planning for their needs and sometime may be for some occasion (Don’t disappoint the customer with this area).
If you are giving any promotions try to be more genuine. Let’s say for example if you are giving any buy 1 and get 1 offer try to send the product appropriately. Having said that don’t compromise on your quality. If you are not having that much of revenue to give offers don’t try to roll it out. Now a days people are expecting good service and best quality.

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Very important thing to keep in your business is feedback. Give your major part of the analysis from customer feedback. Who are purchasing your product is the one who will be your backbone. Hear their voice and the will tell you what they want. Keep your feedback forms or question very specific to the products and service. You don’t want to go and hire “N” number of data and business analyst if you hear customer voice properly.
In my next article; I’ll tell you how you can grab effective feedback from your customer as well how to engage with your customer.
—-Article by bpzconnect

Feedback Session:

How to get an effective feedback from the customers:

As I mentioned in my previous article it is very important to get a customer feedback in your service.

How can we get a collective feedback from the customer?

  1. Categorize your list of services (E.g., if you are a online retailer then your feedback should be about your product quality, packaging, delivery, customer service and price)
  2. If you are running different kind of business then you need to analyze what are the categories that you need to segregate (be mindful while you are selecting your feedback topics).
  3. I would recommend each section should carry a rating along with pre-described drop down menu which contains list of flaws and excellent (Where exactly we went wrong and what exactly we did well)
  4. After getting a feedback we should analyze the data simultaneously to check the AOI.
  5. Be sure you fix a time line for each issue and sort it out as soon as possible. Let’s not make your customer to find the same kind of issue again.
  6. I would recommend you to select proper method of communication for the feedback according to your business. (Most of the time people won’t see emails. For some business there is no need to enter the mail information. So, capture the best way communication according to your business)
  7. First run a pilot project for the survey and finalize which is the best way to get a maximum responses

—-Article by bpzconnect

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Idea sharing

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It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product. Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night. I doubt if more than one campaign in a hundred contains a big idea.

Visit the below link to grab great deals:

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